How to study with Kids

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This is my very first Blog Post Ever.... I would appreciate on your lovely comments, questions, and suggestions in the space provided below.

Ok now let's start talking...

I know that the ideal place to study and do homework would be in a quite place with peaceful vibes and comfortable chairs. However in the real world many us study in our cars, office cubicals, and even in the midst of household chaos. Let's all brain storm, share ideas and stories of how Super Heros like us manage to study with our little side kicks...

My two side kicks go by the names of Khalil(8) and Amir(3) I incorporated weekend study time as a family time activity. I give them both independent activities such as books, their Nabi's or my ipad. I usaully set up a break schedule with a timer so we all can keep track of our focused time. Typically I set the timer for 15mins. Honestly this is how long all of our attention span can last on a single activity.

Please Share your funny stories, horror stories, and stories of studying success

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Look Up and Smile

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